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FTV Girls - Kristen and Nina

FTV Girls - Kristen and Nina
Today we're checking out the lovely girls from FTV Girls. If you don't know the site, FTV stands for First Time Video, and as with all porn sites that claim anything is their 'first time', it's definitely a hit and miss. But that's really to be expected, right? There is one thing that this site does, that seems to be a little more than other sites like it. It's all the public stuff that they do. I mean, they'll be on the beach wrist deep and some guy just walks by. It's pretty crazy the amount of public nudity that's on this site.

FTV Girls / Gloryhole Swallow - Claire

Listening to Claire talk about sucking dick on Gloryhole Swallow just puts a smile on your face.
I was talking online with some of my bros today, and we were discussing who is the best looking porn star currently in the game. One of the funny things that happened in the conversation was that someone besides me brought up Sara Jay. He was quickly told by several people that he should die in a fire that was made of aids, so I elected to let that nominee pass because further support wouldn't yield anything fruitful. All I could do was sit quietly and lament on the fact that the Sara Jay army is declining in numbers. There was one person that was brought up though, that everyone seemed to agree on..