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The Things We Do For Pussy

The Things We Are Willing To Do For Pussy!
As I sit here drinking a beer and just randomly thinking about things, I can't help but to think about what we do for the pussy. I mean when it comes to getting or the potential of getting some top shelf pussy, we tend to go all out for that shit. There's basically nothing that us horny mother fuckers won't do to bust that cherry. We would walk through hell and back for that shit and wouldn't give a fuck. I'm sure that you will agree with me about that shit my fellow pervs.

Why Do They Fight Over Them?

Even Back Then They Fought Over a Man!
If there's one thing that's always made me wonder about when I see these talk shows and shit that deal with cheating mother fuckers is how the people being played, instead of trying to beat the hell out of the one that played them or even just leaving the mother fucker swinging on their ass, they end up fighting with each other and shit. I mean it's just fucking funny to me that they are too busy fighting each other while the one that played them sits back and watching the fireworks go off, enjoying the show.

Don't Go to Sleep Upset

He Thinks He's Going to Get a Good Night's Sleep, but What He Doesn't Know is His Wife is Waiting Until He's Really Getting His Rest to Wake His Ass Up and Fight!
One of the worst fucking things you could do is go to sleep upset after you've had a fight with your woman. You'll find yourself having some weird ass fucking dreams that night let me tell you. I've been through that shit before and it's not good. You end up waking up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep because your mind is wondering if she's still upset with you and if she is then you're wondering if she's going to kill your ass in your sleep. You start getting suspicious because she didn't say much but "ok," all night.

Make Up Fucking

Makes you wonder if they are warming up for the fucking they are going to do later!
Any mother fucker out there would tell you that some of the best fucking that you could do is when you make up after a big fight. That may be true but that doesn't mean that you just go around picking fights with your man, woman or whatever just so that you could get a good fuck like you're hot and mean. No, it just means that when you're in a relationship, there are just some times when you don't agree about shit and when you finally come to a compromise you are going to want to fuck the shit out of each other, that's what I'm saying.