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Family Strokes - Anya and Jenna

Family Strokes - Anya and Jenna
You know what the real problem with having sex with your sister is? Nope, it's not the two headed babies. It's the awkward breakfast the next morning. You know you're not making a lot of eye contact across the table. And I have to wonder, how long do you think the awkwardness is going to last? Unless you're going at it multiple times, it's going to last a few weeks? Months? Maybe longer? You could be sitting around at your parents 50th wedding anniversary, and just be thinking, remember that time we fucked in your bedroom? And you know it's something that you want to talk about with someone, but you know you can't tell anyone, or it's over for everyone. That's really not a hit a family can take. That's a 'move a few hundred miles away where no one fucking knows you' type situation.

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