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Exxxtra Small - Jaye Austin

Exxxtra Small - Jaye Austin
This one is for all of you guys that think thighs are the most important thing between a woman's knee and ass. Jaye Austin is starring in this scene from Exxxtra Small, or how should I say, her thighs are starring in this scene. I honestly can't remember the last time I was so enthralled with a pair of thighs since Chun Li kicked the back of my eyes in 1991. Before this scene, I haven't heard of Jaye, but this one has got me very interested in her. I know the scene is from Exxxtra Small, but I didn't really put her in the tiny category, mostly because of her thighs. She short and all, and she's got tiny tits, but I wouldn't call her extra small. Well, maybe her nipples. Did I mention that I absolutely love her thighs?

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