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Evil Anal

Evil Anal
In this week of looking at porn I don't usually look at, there are porn stars that I don't follow, and of course, types of porn that I don't follow either. One of the types of porn is hard core anal. I don't mind anal at all, but I'm not pretending to be a doctor here, and I don't need to see a woman's kidney's before I get off. Now, don't take that wrong and think I'm judging in any way. The ass is one of my favorite parts of a woman. It's just the colon is not. And I don't need to see it before I stick my dick in it. But, ( no pun intended ) if you're a better man than I, and what to see something you probably haven't seen today.. then hit the link.

Death and Taxes

Undertaker vs I.R.S.
Whelp, it's tax day people, and I know there's nothing like sitting down, and working for four or five hours figuring out how much you owe the government. It's actually pretty fun when you think about it. It's the same kind of fun as, I don't know, raking leaves with one arm, or answering a phone call from your ex-wife. You know, the small pleasures in life. I was trying to think of a porn equivalent to paying taxes, and it took me about 3 seconds, but I finally came up with anal. I was going to go with full on pegging, but I didn't really want to find any of those videos, because it felt like it was going to hit a little close to home, so I just stuck with anal. There was one good thing that came out of it though. While I was looking for an anal scene that best represents tax day, I found a pretty good surprise.

Girl Train #03

Girl Train #03

I was watching the SNL 40th anniversary special and I got about half way through and I had to stop. No matter how much I wanted to like it, I just wasn't feeling it at all. One of the reasons was, it was kind of sad seeing everyone in there present form. It was kind of like the last few years of the Jerry Lewis Telethon, when you knew when he first came out, it wasn't going to be pretty. You're just sitting there hoping that he doesn't break a hip on stage.

The main reason though, is I came to a bit of a conclusion. SNL is a fucking sausage fest. It's got to be like 70% guys over the years. At least the really good ones. But that didn't bother me as much as my next point does. Women comedians generally aren't very attractive. It's not really like I needed a SNL special to tell me that, but watching it really drove the point home. I think there was like.. maybe two that were worth jerking off to. Tina Fey and Cecily Strong and really that's about it for me. And I don't really have time to watch a bunch of old guys have memories about shit I don't remember.

Fuck My Ass 4 - Evil Angel

Fuck My Ass 4 - Evil Angel
I just got done building a useless box today. I think it's the most time I've spent not thinking about porn in a long time. I think I need it's made it obvious that I need a new hobby. I'm thinking about building a Mame arcade cabinet, but it seems like a hell of a lot of work. I feel like it's going to be one of those projects that I start, but never finish, and it just sits in the corner and stares at me while I get mad at myself. I really have two trains of thought about it. One.. I already have some unfinished projects sitting in the corner, so what difference is one more going to make? Two.. it will never get done, so might as well spend the money on something different, like porn. Guess which one I went with?

Dana Vespoli

What kind of name do you think Vespoli is anyway?
Dana Vespoli has come out from behind the wood work to do a few scenes for us, and I for one am very fucking grateful. If you don't know who Dana is, it's kind of understandable. But when you find out who she is, you think to yourself, how the fuck did I not know about this woman before? She's basically a jack of all trades when it comes to porn. She starred in, written and directed a lot of the porn that you've probably already seen. She's done well over 200 movies as a star, and around 50 as a director and I don't know how many as a writer. So, now you might be wondering, how the fuck don't I know her? Well she's kind of a specialist.

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