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MILFs Like It Big - Elexis Monroe and Eletra Rose

MILFs Like It Big - Elexis Monroe and Eletra Rose
It's not too often that you go to a MILF site and find one of the hotter teens in the business, but that's exactly what happened to me today on MILFs Like It Big. Today we have Elexis Monroe and Elektra Rose to show use that anyone can go to any porn site just as long as they try hard enough. I was poking around on the site like normal, looking for a good old fashioned MILF to check out, but Elektra really caught my attention on this one. It was kind of a weird about face, because I was kind of looking for the exact opposite of her when I went to the site. There's just something about her that made me change my mind in a hurry. I think it was her tits. Not that Elexis' tits aren't great, I just keep picturing Elektra's tits in Julia Roberts' mouth for some reason. It could be the medication I'm on.

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