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Vivica Johnson - Casting Couch X

Vivica Johnson - Casting Couch X
You know what would be a great twist at the end of one of these scenes? If they said that she wasn't good enough for porn. I know that there are women out there that are much too ugly for porn. But we never see them. There's always a guy before the camera part that sees the girl and says, 'sorry, you're just too ugly for porn'. Well, maybe not those exact words, but something along those lines. And no girl is ever too ugly for porn. There's always some site that will take someone. Some catch all for porn's leftovers.

We All Want To Fuck: Jada Fire

We All Want to Fuck Jada Fire!
Sure I know that Jada Fire retired from the porn industry but that doesn't mean that we cannot enjoy watching this chocolate honey get down on screen. I'm pretty sure that some of you've got some of her scenes up and ready to hit play. She's still making cocks hard even if she's not on screen. Whether she's doing porn or not "We All Want to Fuck Jada Fire."

We All Want To Fuck Diamond Jackson

We All Want To Fuck Diamond Jackson
Diamond Jackson is next on our list. This hot ebony MILF has been keeping them cumming for a good while now and it doesn't seem like she's going to stop anytime soon. She's one toned up babe that you could tell keeps herself in fucking good shape. I guess she does it so she could have all the energy she wants for all the fucking she does, either way this babe looks fucking good and any mother fucker would love the chance to get some of that pussy. She's hot, fit, badass, and straight up fucking sexy. "We All Want To Fuck Diamond Jackson

We All Want To Fuck: Cherokee D'ass

We All want To Fuck Cherokee D'ass
Cherokee D'ass is definitely the ass because she's got a whole lot of it to carry and I'm pretty sure that fucking her would be worth it too. I'm mean she's stacked in the back and she knows how make it work for her.

Zebra Girls - Jada Fire and someone named Lena I think..

Zebra Girls - Jada Fire and someone named Lena I think..
Since Wang has declared it to be Ebony Porn Month, I guess I have to do my part in it all. But if we're going to do it, we also have to decide on a month that it can be Asian Porn Month too. I just think it would only be fair. I just can't think of the most Asian month there is. Maybe.. Mai?

We All Want To Fuck: Pinky

We All Want To Fuck Pinky
I'm pretty sure that you've seen Pinky do her thing. This hot ebony babe has got a lot of talent when it comes to making cocks hard and making them explode. This chick has all the assets to keep you cumming back for more. When Pinky comes to fuck you better damn sure believe that she comes to fuck. This thick chick is packing and she damn sure knows how to throw it and that's part of why "We All Want To Fuck Pinky."

Black History Month is Ebony Porn Month at RexMag

February is Black Porn Month Too!
Hey my fellow pervs. In honor of Black History month, I will be putting to you some of the hottest ebony chicks that's ever been jacked off to for your wanking pleasure. You will see these are some of the hottest ebony chicks known to man.


Well as most of you know by now, I'm Black. It's no secret and if it was then it's not a secret anymore. I'm sure that even if you didn't know that I'm Black, I'm pretty damn sure that you know about Kwaanza or at least you have heard about it. A lot of people think that Kwaanza is only a holiday that's celebrated by Black people but just like Christmas it could be celebrated by everybody. Point blank you don't have to be Black to celebrate Kwaanza.

Black Friday

Skin Diamond ( the only diamond you should look for on Black Friday )
Well "turkey day" is over and everybody's full. Now, on to that day that comes after Thanksgiving. That's right "Black Friday", you know that day when strangers stand in long lines, crowding stores hoping to find some good deals shit for Christmas which is almost a month away. The day when you find strangers hardcore wrestling with other strangers over products and shit. It's almost like a fucking riot.

Ghetto is Always a Good Thing

Ghetto is Always a Good Thing
I'm sure that I'm not the only one that heard the saying, "keeping it real." I know that because I have heard people use it many of times. I mean they actually use that saying no matter what ever they do, fucked up or not. They would just tell you that they are 'keeping it real.' That's also true about the ghetto booty.

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