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Getting ready for the debate!
If you're getting ready to watch the debate tonight, and you're worried that you're not up enough on the issues to follow along, there's a new site that's up that might help you out with that. The Pornington Post is making it it's goal to educate the public on what they need to know before they making any decisions at the ballot box. So if you're a little unsure about what the main issues are, and which way you might vote this November, then you might want to head over to the site to check it out.

Political Porn

Political Porn
Today I just wanted to mention that Viceland put out a interesting episode of Vice does America recently. The episode was about weed and porn, weed being the number one topic of interest on Viceland. Well, that, and being gay. If you ever want to learn about being gay and smoking weed, definitely watch Viceland. But on this particular episode, they covered porn, which is what we're all interested in. They showed a pretty good behind the scenes look at the making of a porn scene, and if you've never seen one before, it's worth a look. The porn they were making didn't look great, but that's besides the point..