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Playing Doctor

Damn Sure Makes You Want To Go To The Doctor Doesn't It?
I was just sitting here thinking about how we as little kids used to play doctor. I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about my fellow pervs. It was a learning experience and most of us ended up getting stopped before we could give our patient a full exam, if you know what I mean. We were kids we didn't know what we were doing. I'm pretty sure the last thing on our minds was sex more than likely we didn't know anything about it. When you're at that young age you shouldn't know anything about it.

Sex Sent You to the ER

Sex Can Send You to the ER!
I was cruising around the television Saturday late night looking for something to watch, when I ran upon this show on TLC called Sex Sent Me to the ER. Needless to say that shit sparked my interest because I've never really heard of shit like that happening. Sure I might have heard shit to the extent of people having to go to the hospital or clinic to clear up some shit that they caught while getting anal in the Amazon but not where they needed emergency room care. So, this was some shit that I thought I would check out.