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My Sister's Hot Friend - Dillion Carter

My Sister's Hot Friend - Dillion Carter

Think about this for a second. If they made Back to the Future right now, and Marty McFly went back the exact same amount of years he did in the first one, he would end up in 1985. The first time I thought of that, I was a little depressed. Then I started to think of porn and I was all better again. Then I started to think of Dillion Carter's tits, and I was more than better.

And now that we're on the subject of Dillion Carter's tits, I have to say, what lovely tits they are. They are everything that's right about natural tits. And you can tell, in a few years, they're going to be everything that's wrong with them too. There's kind of an arch to the progression of natural tits. They usually start out great, and just get better, but then they reach their peak..

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