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Diary of a Nanny - Zoe Clark

Diary of a Nanny - Zoe Clark
Time to take a trip in the 'way back' machine and check out a site that I haven't been on since 2007. It's kind of strange when you check out a site that you haven't been on in years. I tend to go for the newer scenes thinking that they're going to be somehow better than scenes from one, two or more years ago. For instance, this lovely scene from Zoe Clark is the latest scene from the site. Now, I went straight to it because it was the latest one, and it happens to be great, but that doesn't mean the scenes from two years ago aren't just as great. Now porn from the late 70s and 80s, that shit is pretty bad. I think we can all agree on that.

Diary of a Nanny Aubrey Addams

Cute nanny Aubrey Addams bends over and takes Scott Nails cock in her.
Aubrey Addams is depressed that she's stuck at her client's house alone. As she sits around wallowing, she gets visited by Scott Nails, who cheers her up with a good hard fucking.

Diary of a Nanny Julia Bond

This nanny knows how to work the cock.
Julia Bond catches a criminal in the act of ripping off her employers house. She knocks him out and is totally surprised to find out it was her high school crush, Johnny. When he comes to, she tells him that she needs to cum too, and unless he wanted to go to jail, he better go to work.