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Mommy Got Boobs - Puma Swede, Diana Prince

Mommy Got Boobs - Puma Swede, Diana Prince
It's that time of year again! That time of year when porn stars get to wear Santa hats. That time of year when porn stars put tinsel on their genitalia. That time of year when you start to wonder whether or not you should feel 'merry' while you're jerking off. Can Santa Claus really be someone's fetish? I've heard of worse. Just as long as there aren't any old fat guys banging the porn stars, we'll be OK.

MILFs Like It Big - Diana Prince

MILFs Like It Big - Diana Prince
Today we're checking out a little MILF action with a scene that basically has nothing to do with MILFs. It's a shame that MILF has become synonymous with 'middle aged' in the porn world. MILF, to me at least, was a way to describe a girl that had that 'mom' look to her. Now it's just anyone that can't pass as a 'teen' even if you put pony tails in their hair. Anywho.. Diana's hot, and that's all that really matters.

Big Tits Boss Diana Prince

This is my Big Tits Boss Diana Prince. I can't believe what a slut she is.
I didn't realize just how hot my boss was until I picked her up. I had talked with her on the phone, but when I met her at the airport and saw her big tits and banging body, I couldn't think anymore about the raise I wanted, but the rise in my pants.

Wild Fuck Toys Diana Prince

What's the mask for?
Diana Prince couldn't cum anymore once her clit was pierced. She came to our doctor believing all was lost and looking for relief. We decided to run her and her insensitive pussy to the test and see if we couldn't fix that pussy of hers.

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