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8th Street Latinas - Desiree Lopez

8th Street Latinas - Desiree Lopez

I had a tough call with tonight's girl. It was a coin flip between Desiree Lopez and Nikki Lima. As I'm typing this, I still don't know if I've chosen correctly. It's hard to pick between what you find attractive that night, and what you think other people will find attractive. In these types of situations though, I like to pick who's a bit newer to the scene and give them a bit of a Rex bump.

We don't get hundreds of thousands of visitors or anything, but throwing a few clicks towards an up and coming porn star is always nice for them, and hopefully they can get a few fans from it. You see, it's a tough job to get a fan base going and a porn star needs all the help she can get so she can concentrate on taking that dick.

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