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Day With a Pornstar - Keisha Grey and Abella Danger

Day With a Pornstar - Keisha Grey and Abella Danger
Today we're spending a Day With a Pornstar, which, if you've never done it, is just like spending a day with a regular person, but someone in the room is always naked for some reason. Today though, we're going to be getting a bonus porn star because we were good little boys and girls and we're not in jail after the 4th of July weekend. We're going to get to spend the day with the lovely Keisha Grey and Abella Danger. Two porn stars that have a higher probability for injuries in their scenes than most porn stars out there. This is going to definitely be one of their tamer scenes.

Day With a Pornstar - Jynx Maze

Day With a Pornstar - Jynx Maze
Day With a Pornstar was on my long list of things I stopped thinking about in 2011. But they've come out of left field with something that caught my eye. They set Jynx up in a little lemonade stand and had her out there pimping the juice, while fucking her at the same time. She doesn't keep a very good poker face.

Day with a Pornstar Priya Anjeli Rai - The Kama Sutra Goddess

This horny Indian girl is one of the best known pornstars in the world of Kama Sutra and we get to film her getting fucked by that cock. Got to love spending time with these pornstars.
Not often do we get to hang out with and watch a Kama Sutra Goddess like Priya Anjeli Rai. So when we asked her if she wanted to be on Day with a Pornstar, we expected a quick and easy no. However, she surprised us by saying yes and promising us that we'd get one hell of show.

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