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Naughty America - Dava Foxx

Naughty America - Dava Foxx
So, I've been checking out bottomless girls lately. You know, pictures of girls wearing just the top half of their clothes, and I must say, I thinking is a pretty great form of porn. As I'm a full weekend and a day into this now, I've come to the conclusion that women with no bottoms except for wearing nylon stockings, is generally better than women wearing nothing from the waist down. It's an amazing thing that I wished happened more in my every day life. Maybe when my plan for world domination comes true, and I have multiple women serving my every need, I'll just have a few of them walking around with no pants on. You know, just on spec. I would have special chairs that they could only sit in. Maybe they could play games with each other, like Twister or something. Maybe shoot a little pool.

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