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Don't Strike Out at Picking Up

Maybe not the first line you want to try, but if the shoe fits, fuck it.
As those of you know the real man behind RexMag may know, I travel a bunch for my other job. A hell of a lot. And one of the things I see all the time are women, young women, middle aged women, older women. And where I see women, I see men try to pick them up. And where I see men trying to pick them up, I see where they strike out and fail. Because Rex wants to help you get laid, I'm going to put together a few pointers to help you not strike out, by giving you advice on what not to do.

Be Bold

You Got To Be Bold And Confident If You're Gonna Get Laid!
If there's one thing that I always tell people when they are looking for somebody, it's that you've got to be bold. Boldness shows that you feel worthy of being with a mother fucker. Now don't get that shit mixed up with being cocky because those are two different fucking things. That's like a dick being different from an asshole, they are two different things. One could piss as well as bust a nut, all the other one could do is take a shit on you.

The First Date

Getting First Dates Aren't Easy!
The other day, I drove my son to pick up his date. I could notice that he was nervous, which I'm pretty sure that a lot of us mother fuckers went through the same thing on our very first date ever. I understood how he was feeling too because we all have been through those first date jitters, where we were as nervous as a mother fucker that just got caught fucking the farmer's daughter. So I told him a few things that calmed him down. Needless to say his date went off without a hitch and they both had a good time.