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Mike's Apartment - Daphne Klyde

Mike's Apartment - Daphne Klyde
We all know that Czechoslovakia's greatest export is porn stars, or stars in general, but mostly porn stars. They're kind of like Dominican Republic when it comes to baseball players, but with sex. I'm going to have to find out one day which country puts out more, porn star or baseball players. If I had to guess right now though, I would go with Czech putting out more porn stars. And they don't sit out a game when their thumb hurts. Although, now that I think about it, I would love to see a porn star pull out half way through because someone threw their back out. You know it has probably happened more than once, but I haven't seen it yet. They've got to put together a blooper reel for us one day. That would be pretty amazing. But to get back to Czech porn stars..

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