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Teen BFF - Dani Jenson and Zoey Nixon

Teen BFF - Dani Jenson and Zoey Nixon
Today someone showed me a kinda funny video ( pun intended ) on how to make your own porn video. It's not a 'how to' video at all, it's more about advice about making a porn video from two guys that have never ever made a porn video in their life. It's just for the laughs of course, but it got me thinking about making a porno, and who should be doing it. Let's face it, no one out there is splitting the atom or anything, and it's not like you need a film degree to get into the field. You just really need to know a few things. For instance.. the girl is way more important than the guy. Or, turn the microphone on at an acceptable level. Or, hold the camera in an upright position. But I think the most important rule of them all, and one that gets ignored sometimes, is, have a camera man.

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