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Porn Pros - Mary Lynn and Dakota Skye

Porn Pros - Mary Lynn and Dakota Skye
Back again from a pretty good weekend all around. Normally I look forward to Mondays just because it lets me get the fuck away from my family for at least 8 hours, but I didn't hate them this weekend, so I'm a little sad to be back at work. One thing that always pulls me out of my funk is good quality porn of course, so I went in search of it. I happen to find it today at Porn Pros. This one stars the fine asses of Mary Lynn and Dakota Skye. Usually girls of this quality, they save for one on one sessions, and you don't get them together. But we've all got lucky on this one, and they happen to be starring in this one at the same time, and share the screen equally. This shit only happens once every few weeks, so be sure not to miss it.

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