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Bang Bus - Daisy

Bang Bus - Daisy
Looks like we got ourselves a member of the rebellion with us today. And we all know that the only way to truly crush the rebel scum is to fuck them into submission. It looks like Daisy isn't resisting too much, so we should soon have the location of the secret rebel base, after we take a few more trips around the block.


Katrina Drew from Bang Bros
Well, Anderson Cooper is gay, which brings up a question that I've been thinking about for a few days now. Do we really need porn stars to get boob jobs? After a few days of contemplation on it, I've come to this answer.. Maybe. I honestly think that boob jobs are great for certain situations. Mostly, if the boobs in question, have lost the original shape that the boob obtained at the peak of their shapeliness. Or more to the point, if a boob is in a shape that it shouldn't be in, due to things like birthing babies, than I can fully endorse a boob job taking place...

Big Tits in Sports - Kortney Kane, Daisy Cruz and Brooke Banner

Big Tits in Sports - Kortney Kane, Daisy Cruz and Brooke Banner
Let's talk about sports, shall we? 1, Randy Moss being traded for a third round draft pick to the Vikings will have to go down as being one of the worst trades in sports history. ( Ruth being traded to the Yankees to finance a Broadway play is the worst trade, if you were wondering. ) 2. If you put more than 2 cheerleaders on any moving vehicle, it will inevitably break down, and they WILL have to trade sex for a ride. Fact number 2 is why we're all here.

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