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Can't Get It Up?

Can't Get It Up?
I was watching a Family Guy episode called "Peter Problems" the other night and besides the fact of it being hilarious as fuck, it got me to thinking about a problem that most men dread. That's right my fellow pervs, it dealt with erectile dysfunction. Sure when you can't get it up is no laughing matter, as a matter of fact that shit is pretty fucking embarrassing but Family Guy's take on it, you can't help but to laugh. It's a serious fucking problem with us guys because pretty much part of us being a man is being able to lay down the big sausage pizza when we want.

Cuckold Sessions - India Summer

Cuckold Sessions - India Summer

Working on a website, you get to see things that happen in the background of the web. For instance, did you know that we can see what the Google search was that brought you to this site? Now, of course the number one thing that people type into Google that brings them here is rexmag. The question is though, what's the number one thing that is searched for, that has nothing to do with our name? The answer was a bit surprising to me. It was Cuckold Sessions.

When I saw that yesterday, my first thought was, man I'm getting old, because I had to look up what the fuck a cuckold was. According to Urban Dictionary, a cuckold is..

A sexually inadequate husband who accepts his wife's pussy is her solely property and she alone decides which men she will fuck,even if it means denying her husband. His only access to her pussy is to clean it of the ejaculate of males she chooses to fuck.

I must be getting old, because I did not see that one coming.

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