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Courtney Stodden
So recently I've been informed that there's a person called Courtney Stodden, and apparently, she's made a sex tape. If you don't know who Courtney Stodden is, don't worry your little heads about that, it just goes to prove that you've led a bit of a normal life up until this point. Let me sum up a bit. She's a girl that went on a reality show that was so unknown, I couldn't find the name of it. She also entered some beauty pageants, but predictably, never won any of them. She gained TMZ wide fame when, at the age of 16, she married random actor guy Doug Hutchison who was 50 at the time. If you don't know who Doug Hutchison is, he was the dick guard in the movie The Green Mile. People flipped out because it was a 50 year old marrying a 16 year old and none of this shit actually matters. What really matters is she's done a porn video!

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