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Fucking Responsibly

It Helps To Have Protection! Just Saying!
Let's be honest my fellow pervs, we all love to fuck and fucking is fun. I mean there's nothing wrong with wanting to do the 40oz bounce with somebody who you think is worth fucking. There's nothing wrong with that shit, fucking is a natural thing and people get fucking horny wanting the mother fucking release. It's a part of being human. That's not the problem though, the problem comes after the fuck is what could end up having somebody going through anal hell.

Too Fucking Young

Somebody should have told them about fucking birth control!
You know I hate to sound like my parents but these fucking kids today are too fucking young to call themselves getting in a serious relationship. Now, I'm not saying that there aren't some young mother fuckers mature enough to be in relationship because there are. I'm just saying that some of them aren't ready for that shit. In other words they are getting too serious too quickly knowing good and fucking well that they are not ready for that shit.

AB1576: Just Some More Bullshit

Most of the people on Maury didn't use a condom but they want people in porn to use one? Bullshit!
I'm pretty sure that you've already checked out the reason why we haven't seen some more good scenes from one of our favorite porn chicks, Chanel Preston for about two years. Just like Rex laid it out for you she's been fighting the good fight. That's right my fellow pervs, she's been out there in California currently fighting against this AB 1576 bullshit they they have been laying on the industry that's supposedly going to make the porn industry a lot fucking safer by requiring that pornstars use condoms.

Pass Out the Condoms and Birth Control

Rubbers Save Money.
I know I've already said how important sex education and safe sex are my fellow pervs but I'm going to say it again and I'm going to keep on saying it until mother fuckers get the point. I think that's fair to say because when you've got mother fuckers out there getting fucking kids that they can't take care of, there's something that really needs to be fucking said about that shit. It's something that we don't want to talk about but it's something that we need to be fucking talking about.