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Bang Bus Sabrina

Chicks love banging their heads while they get banged on the bang bus.
We were out and about trying to find a nice college girl. We love college girls because they want to believe that they are so smart, but at the same time, they still go down and suck on cock and do the same things for cash that street whores do. We were driving around a college campus, but couldn't find anything we really liked. We finally hit a local gas station and it was there where we found Sabrina.

College Wild Parties Fuck-Tacular

College Wild Parties Fuck-Tacular
It`s time for another drunken college sex party. In this latest episode we find a hot brunette slut to suck and fuck. Something tells me this girl has done this kind of thing before..

Bang Bus Spring Break Heaven

Spank that college ass! This bitch is dying to have that ass tapped.
It's spring time here on Bang Bus, which brings us to Spring Break Heaven. Time to pull the bus out and get us some college pussy. We put one fan named Tito behind the wheel and another named AJ in the back and we went out on the hunt for some hot college pussy here in sunny Miami. It didn't take us long to find a couple, and it was on. Got to love the bus.