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Now You Can Stop Worrying About The Size of Your Dick

She Thinks It's Big Enough!
Let's face it my fellow pervs, if there's one thing that us men always think about is if we're big enough to satisfy a woman. I mean that's one of the things that go through mens minds, especially when we see a porn where a guy is packing a shlong that's almost as big as an arm fucking some hot chick that we would like to be fucking. Then we find ourselves wondering do we measure up? Are we normal size? Shit like that. Well, we don't really have to worry about that shit any longer because scientist have done a penis size study and I'm pretty sure that you'll probably be glad with the results. At least I would think so. I know it educated me on what the normal size of a cock should be, even though I've never really had to worry about my size because I've only had one complaint out of my life.