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Listening to Claire talk about sucking dick on Gloryhole Swallow just puts a smile on your face.
I was talking online with some of my bros today, and we were discussing who is the best looking porn star currently in the game. One of the funny things that happened in the conversation was that someone besides me brought up Sara Jay. He was quickly told by several people that he should die in a fire that was made of aids, so I elected to let that nominee pass because further support wouldn't yield anything fruitful. All I could do was sit quietly and lament on the fact that the Sara Jay army is declining in numbers. There was one person that was brought up though, that everyone seemed to agree on..

Her First Lesbian Sex Emilianna, Phoenix Marie, and Claire Dames

Her First Lesbian Sex Emilianna, Phoenix Marie, and Claire Dames
You're going to love this hot lesbian scene featuring Emilianna, Phoenix Marie, and Claire Dames. These hot broads broke out of jail and are looking for a place to lay low for a bit. They head to a guy's house who usually supplies them with drugs, and instead what they find is a treasure trove of sex toys to use for some heavy girl on girl action! Watch these lesbos get each other off while formulating a new bad girl scheme.

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