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Christmas is Finally Over

Even Santa Celebrates Christmas Being Over! Could You Blame Him?
Yes my fellow pervs Christmas is finally over, and I know that most of you are glad, I have to say that I'm glad myself. For some of us, once or twice a year is all that we can deal with certain people in our family. It's not that we don't love them but it's the fact that they say or do some shit that gets on our fucking nerves. That's why, we only want to see their ass certain times out of the year because the shit they pull is too much for us to deal with seeing their asses everyday.

Christmastime is Here

Merry Christmas! Now Open Up Your Gifts!
Here it is again my fellow pervs, the holidays are upon us and I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of people that will be happy when it's over with. It's not that they don't like Christmas or the other holidays, per se. It's more of that they don't like the bullshit that goes on during that time that's the problem. It takes a lot to make the holidays a good one and it could be pretty fucking frustrating.