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2 Chicks Same Time - Christiana Cinn and Mila Blaze

2 Chicks Same Time - Christiana Cinn and Mila Blaze

Well, we just had the last weekend of the summer, so I hope you had a good one. My was pretty good as I ended up at the beach and it was an actual nice day. I feel like this whole year was spent at the beach while it was raining. It's like I've offended mother nature in some way, and she's getting back at me. But I got one nice day out of it, and ended up beating mother nature in the end. I think I'm going to pollute next weekend just so she remembers who won this battle.

The problem with going so late in the year though, is that everyone with actual lives isn't going to be at the beach any more. So spending time at the beach right now is kind of like going to Walmart, but everyone is in a bathing suit. It's kind of hard to enjoy the scenery when you're trying not to look at any one person. I ended up spending a lot of time being the furthest one out in the water just looking towards the ocean. It seemed to work out OK. But after I got home, I definitely had to make some new memories.

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