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They Are Looking For A Reason

Some Cheaters Start A Fight To Cover Up The Fact They Are Cheating!
It there's one thing that I always say, if you're willing to get passed the bullshit that has happened in the past then you'll be able to have a good relationship. What I mean by that is that if you can't let shit go that has happened in the past your relationship is not going anywhere. The only thing that you will find is both of you being in the combat zone going through anal hell damn near all the time because the past is always going to be brought up and that's not a good thing.

Ashley's Secret Is Not A Secret Anymore

Ashley's Secret Is Out!
I know that you mother fuckers have been waiting for me to say something about this shit, my fellow pervs, and now I'm breaking my silence about the whole Ashley Madison leak. I know that most of you are saying, it's been a long time coming for me to say something about the shit and I can't agree with you more. I was just taking my time about the shit because I wanted to know more about this shit. In other words, I wanted to be sure this wasn't a fucking hoax used to scare the fuck out of people. I wanted to make sure it's real.

Divorce Blues

Sometimes Shit Just Doesn't Work Out!
There's a seven letter word that is distressing to some and heaven to others, that word my fellow pervs is... You've guessed it, divorce. Some people don't like to hear that words or even think about that word. Other people are fucking happy to hear that shit because it could mean the hell that they been through being married is coming to an end. In other words those seven letters could mean either good or bad depending on the person.

You Can't Turn A Whore Into A Housewife But You Can Turn A Housewife Into A Whore

If She Fucks With Everybody She Might Not Be Housewife Material!
I have to tell you I don't know what's wrong with people who think that they could change somebody. Let's face it, if they are the way they were when you met them, more than likely they are going to be that way and nothing you do is going to change them. That's a choice they have to make on their own. The only thing you could do is either deal with that shit or don't fuck with them at all. In other words, you can't turn a whore into a housewife but you can turn a housewife into a whore.

Jealous Mother Fuckers

No Matter What You Do Mother Fuckers Are Going to be Jealous of You!
Let's face it my fellow pervs, there's always going to be some mother fucker out there that's going to be jealous of your ass and pretty much for no good reason. These fuckers are the ones you see always hating and plotting on you, like a bunch of fucking gagging whores because they don't like the fact that you are doing better than they are or that you've got something that they want. Either way, it's some fucked up shit.

Revenge Fucking

He Fucked Around On Her, So She Fucked His Brother!
As the old saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." Whoever came up with that statement that has become popular over many years knew what the fuck they were talking about because if there's one thing for sure revenge is very cold to the one on the receiving end and sweet to the one that's dishing it out. That statement doesn't fall short of mother fuckers who get back at their cheating lover. Actually, some people would say that it gets a lot colder and a lot sweeter.

It's Better to be a Swinger Than a Cheater

It Would Be Better to Be A Part of the Top Picture, Than It Would To Be A Part of the Bottom Picture. Don't You Agree?
If there's one thing that I always say my fellow pervs is that it's better for you to be honest about shit instead of lying because more than likely, when you lie, that shit has a way of catching up with you. When that shit happens then the consequences are worse than if you would have been honest about things in the first place. That has proven true a many of times and will continue to keep on doing the same fucking thing.

Why Do They Fight Over Them?

Even Back Then They Fought Over a Man!
If there's one thing that's always made me wonder about when I see these talk shows and shit that deal with cheating mother fuckers is how the people being played, instead of trying to beat the hell out of the one that played them or even just leaving the mother fucker swinging on their ass, they end up fighting with each other and shit. I mean it's just fucking funny to me that they are too busy fighting each other while the one that played them sits back and watching the fireworks go off, enjoying the show.

They are Fighting You but Fucking Somebody Else

She found out about his ass starting fights with her so that he could go out and fuck somebody else!
Everybody knows that relationships are not all deep throat love. There are going to be times when you both argue and there's nothing wrong with that but it's more like what you end up doing while you're arguing that's the main shit. I mean some people argue and they settle it the same day. Then there are some people that argue and it last for days, with them sleeping on the couch and then they have some make up fucking. Then you have the ones where they fight and then one gets upset enough that the leave the house, sometimes for days on end without a word, then they come back and make up or not.

The Night She Tripped and Fell on Another Guy's Cock

They both just happened to be naked when all of a sudden she tripped and fell on his cock!
Today, my fellow pervs I've got a true story for you. It comes straight from the MILF files. Just like I have said before, "if you don't do it then somebody else will." Well this hot and juicy story that I'm telling you today is not from a porn, the shit actually fucking happened. Of course I'm changing the names because well, I'm pretty sure that these people don't want to end up on the Maury show (just kidding, their ass might just end up there anyway but I'm not letting the names out because it came from the horses mouth and they have some journalistic ethics about that shit).

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