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2 Chicks Same Time - Charley Chase, Tessa Lane

2 Chicks Same Time - Charley Chase, Tessa Lane
In the probability of happening of 0% column, we have today's post on cheating and what happens when you get caught. I guess when you're in the situation of getting caught, the best thing you can hope for is getting out with your skin in tact. I guess the other best thing you can hope for is they start to eat each other out while you ride rough shot from behind.

Hot And Mean Lylith Lavey and Charley Chase

Charley Chase is getting fucked hard with the strap on by her ex-husband's current girlfriend.
Charley Chase and her ex-husband Donald are still good friends, which doesn't sit well with his current girlfriend, Lylith. When all three have dinner together, Lylith can't stop imagining her boyfriend and his ex-wife making out. She becomes rude and ruins the evening. She later goes over to Charley's house to make sure she understands to stay away from her boyfriend. Charley gets taught a lesson she'll never forget.

Squirt Disgrace Charley Chase

Better get your goggles on.
Charley Chase is goes to the garage to complain about their shitty customer service, and they decide to teach this hot busty babe a lesson! They strap her down and give new meaning to the term body shop when they fuck that body with every mechanical device they can dream up! And for the finale? A real hard cock in that sweet pussy.

Hog Tied Charley Chase

Looks Painful. Wanna Watch?
Charley Chase came by to make her Hogtied debut and told us she was multi-orgasmic and wanted to see how many times our crew could get her to cum while abusing her. Of course we were up to the challenge - we made her cum enough times that the pleasure of it was becoming painful. Then we made her cum some more.