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Classic Cars

Not Only Could You Drive Them But You Could Fuck in Them Too!
I don't know about you my fellow pervs but I really love classic cars. I love them a lot more than I do these new compact cars they are coming out with these days. I mean there were a lot that you could do with those big body cars that you couldn't do with these little small mother fuckers that they come out with these days. Sure they might save on gas and with how much gas prices are these days, I know money talks, but there are just some things that you are able to do with those big body mother fuckers that you can't really do with these compact cars, or maybe you could if you could get in flexible positions.

Giving Her a Tune Up

She Definitely Looks Like She Could Use a Tune Up!
I know that some of you are thinking that I'm talking about your car. Sure that would be a good idea too because every car could always use a tune up but I'm talking about your woman. Yes, I know this might get some women pissed off at me for saying but a woman just like a car could use a tune up too.