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8th Street Latinas - Camila Casey

8th Street Latinas - Camila Casey
For Christmas I got a few things this year that I would consider kind of useless. One of the biggest ones though, was a pair of gloves that you can use your touchscreen phone while you're wearing them. In theory it's a great idea. But since I've had them, every time I've been in a situation to use them, I never wanted to pull out my phone because I would, A, have to take my glove off to pull my phone out of my pocket, or B, had this deep fear that I was going to drop the phone in whatever snow/slush pile I was standing in. They're good gloves regardless, so I'm using them no problem. But that particular feature is lost on me. Now, if you want to talk about the greatest revolution in clothing tech in recent years, let's talk about what Camila is wearing.

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