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8th Street Latinas - Camila Casey

8th Street Latinas - Camila Casey
For Christmas I got a few things this year that I would consider kind of useless. One of the biggest ones though, was a pair of gloves that you can use your touchscreen phone while you're wearing them. In theory it's a great idea. But since I've had them, every time I've been in a situation to use them, I never wanted to pull out my phone because I would, A, have to take my glove off to pull my phone out of my pocket, or B, had this deep fear that I was going to drop the phone in whatever snow/slush pile I was standing in. They're good gloves regardless, so I'm using them no problem. But that particular feature is lost on me. Now, if you want to talk about the greatest revolution in clothing tech in recent years, let's talk about what Camila is wearing.

Angelina Castro

Angelina Castro
Today I wanted to take a look at the fine actress Angelina Castro, mainly because I'm having a hard time figuring her out. Unlike ( or maybe like ) many actresses in main stream films, most porn actresses get typecast/pigeon holed/slotted, whatever you want to call it, before they even shoot their first scene. And most of the time, they stay in that slot until they have some major changes in their life, like getting old and falling into the MILF category for instance...

Teens Like It Big - Bailey Blue, Cameron Dee, Lola Foxx

Teens Like It Big - Bailey Blue, Cameron Dee, Lola Foxx
It's always nice to have a few girls come together for a single purpose. Especially when the purpose is to serve their master. Watching a group of women working together to serve is one of the best things that you can witness. I just need to figure out a way that those women are serving me. If anyone has a way, let me know. I have about 35 dollars and the complete Godfather series on DVD.

Cumming through the Lines

You know Alex was just trying to impress the ladies..
I have to say that I'm so impressed with the technology we have today that it's awesome. You can do pretty much anything from your cell phone.

I don't think when Alexander Graham Bell knew how much his invention of the telephone would evolve but I'm sure that he would be proud of the innovation that he started over 100 years ago.

Cam Girls

Ahh.. Cam Girls
Welp, I have a new fetish, niche or whatever. It's been about two weeks now and I can't deny it anymore. It's been slowly building up over time, and for the past few days, it's just about all I watch as far as porn goes. That's right, I can't stop watching cam girls.

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Nikki Bender
I've been thinking about the state of the porn industry, as I always do, ( my breakfast conversations usually get me kicked out of the house early in the day ) and I've been thinking, if the porn industry is moving back towards the full movies like they have in decades past, where is that going to leave the internet porn industry?

I Spy Camel Toe Natasha Nice

Big tits and a hot camel toe to fuck - DELICIOUS!
My cock has had a hankering for Natasha Nice from the moment I first saw her. This girl looks like Lindsay Lohan, but has some real tits, but what turned me on the most about her was her cute camel toe. I was done spying her from afar, it was time I got to see her puffy pussy close up.

Mr. Camel Toe Nadia

Mr. Camel Toe Nadia
The latest cameltoe belongs to a hottie named Nadia. This girls ass is smooth as silk. Her tit's are so tight you could cut glass with them. The best part was the toe. A perfect pussy. That's the name of the game and that's what we have for you today. Jmac was doing the deed this time around. He hit that pussy good. She was loving every minute of it. What are you waiting for, go down load that shit!

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