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Don't Let What People Say About You Get To You

People Are Going To Talk Shit About You, Just Flip Them Off And Keep It Moving!
If there's one thing for sure my fellow pervs, people are going to talk shit about you. You could do good or bad, there are going to be people who have their mouths open like gagging whores about you. I know that shit could be frustrating as fuck. I think that it's pretty fucking safe to say that hearing what the fuck somebody has to say about you or some fucking rumor that somebody is spreading about you could get on your fucking nerves, believe me, I've been there.

They Are Looking For A Reason

Some Cheaters Start A Fight To Cover Up The Fact They Are Cheating!
It there's one thing that I always say, if you're willing to get passed the bullshit that has happened in the past then you'll be able to have a good relationship. What I mean by that is that if you can't let shit go that has happened in the past your relationship is not going anywhere. The only thing that you will find is both of you being in the combat zone going through anal hell damn near all the time because the past is always going to be brought up and that's not a good thing.

Divorce Blues

Sometimes Shit Just Doesn't Work Out!
There's a seven letter word that is distressing to some and heaven to others, that word my fellow pervs is... You've guessed it, divorce. Some people don't like to hear that words or even think about that word. Other people are fucking happy to hear that shit because it could mean the hell that they been through being married is coming to an end. In other words those seven letters could mean either good or bad depending on the person.

Guns And Religion

It's Like Throwing Gasoline On A Grease Fire!
Oh yes my fellow pervs, I know that I might end up pissing some people off with this shit but when have you known me to be worried about pissing a mother fucker off? I'm pretty sure that you would agree that I have written some shit that might still have mother fuckers talking today. This time I'm talking about some anal shit that I have seen going on but I didn't really say anything about. That shit is guns and religion.

Stop Demonizing Porn

Porn Is Good! It's Very Good!
I'm pretty sure that you know by now that I'm a big supporter of porn and the adult industry, my fellow pervs. More than likely you are too because you are checking out this site not just reading the articles but you are clicking on the links checking out porn at the same time. I don't blame you there's some good shit out there The one thing about it though is how even though porn is becoming more popular these days, there are still mother fuckers out there that make it seem like the fact that somebody has done porn before is a bad fucking thing and because somebody has done porn that they can't decide to do something else.

Donald Trump for President? Get The Fuck Outta Here.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!
I know that I'm not the only one that has heard about Donald Trump running for President. I'm pretty sure that everybody has heard about that shit. Hell, you can't help but to know about it because it's all over social media and other media. I mean if you haven't heard about that shit then you have been under a fucking rock somewhere. What's even crazier than this mother fucker running for President is that he's got a lot of supporters. Which to me is fucking ridiculous.

Bristol Palin Talking Shit About Miley Cyrus? WTF?

The Pot Calling The Kettle Black!
Well, I don't know if you've heard about the interview Miley Cyrus gave or even the retort from Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol Palin but let's just say that Bristol has not just start running off at the mouth about Lena Dunham but now she's taking aim at Miley because she's got a bug up her ass about something. Maybe it's her recent split that's got her being Mr. Anal, oh my bad, Mrs. Anal about a lot of shit.

California At It Again

Eye Goggles In Porn? What The Fuck?
When you think that shit can't get even more weird in California, you wind up finding yourself going "what the fuck are they thinking?" I know I found myself thinking that shit when it came to them coming up with that Measure B shit. When that shit happened that I know that I found myself thinking that it was a hell of a dumbass way to waste the taxpayer's money making a fucking law that would make it mandatory for the use of condoms while filming porn in California, something which everybody voted to pass by the way. But just when you think that California's attack on the adult industry was over they throw some other shit out there.

Bruce Jenner, A Woman?

Hard To Believe!
I don't know if you've heard about this but Bruce Jenner decided that he wanted to be a woman. Hell, you couldn't help but to hear about that shit, just about every media outlet was talking about it like a bunch of gagging whores getting throated. They was saying about how he wanted to do a sex change operation and that how he always felt like he was a woman. You know what I mean, shit like that. He even did an interview about that shit.

Kanye Sit Your Ass Down Somewhere

Please, Please, Please, Do Us All a Favor And Sit Your Ass Down Kanye!
I know my rant is late but fuck it, might as well get my shots in. If you've seen the Grammys then you already know that Kanye's ass acted like a fucking gagging whore once again. I know I wasn't the only mother fucker yelling at the television for him to sit the fuck down and shut up. I bet a lot of us brothas and sistas were saying the same fucking thing and shaking our heads but it's not like it's the first time he has pulled that shit, remember 2009?

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