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My Sister's Hot Friend - Bree Olsen

My Sister's Hot Friend - Bree Olsen
I know I just did one from this site, but I couldn't pass up on the worst Halloween porn update of all time. If you're going to make a porn video, and you are thinking about doing something for the holiday, don't just throw on a mask and be done with it. If you're going to do that, don't do anything at all. But I'm going to forgive this one, because it's Bree Olsen, one of my favorite porn stars.

Big Wet Butts - Bree Olsen

Big Wet Butts - Bree Olsen
Man, I had a few jokes about boxed lunches and something about meals on wheels all read for ya while I was watching the scene.. and then a cherry popped out of her ass and I totally forgot what I was going to say. It's not so much that the cherry popped out, so much as the fact that it was still in good condition. Do you realize how much sphincter control that takes to do?!

Naughty Staff Bree Olsen

Bree Olsen is the perfect office slut. Bounce those titties, bitch.
Bree Olsen is well known in her office for being a slut, and with good cause. She has probably slept with just about every guy and most of the ladies too. She just can't get enough sex. So when the new guy shows up at the office, it's only a matter of time before Bree decides she needs to have him too - and Bree always gets what she wants.

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