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Porn Pros - Bree Mitchell

Porn Pros - Bree Mitchell
There are many things that a movie can do well, that porn just doesn't usually do right. Whether it be the acting of the stars on the show, or the camera work, or the director, or the lighting, it could all make porn a little bit worse than it could have been. One of the big things in porn that could be a lot better of course, is editing. Let's take this scene from Porn Pros, shall we? We have the very lovely Bree Mitchell, who has the type of body that you want to just sit down and play with for a very long time. The scene starts out very nice. She sits down on the bed, and slowly gets undressed. She calls the guy over, and he starts to go to work with a dildo, which is a fine start. I didn't see anything wrong so far. But after all of that, it just starts to get weird.

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