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Who Knew Having a Public Speaking Fear Makes Hot Teens Slide Down Your Cock!
This week I decided to present Brandi Piece Theater. This week’s story is about a boy named Andy that has a fear of pubic speaking, so when his teacher asks him to read his report in front of the class he comes across a few complications. This poor guy had a massive erection while he walked up to the front of the class. I felt bad for the guy until I saw just how accommodating Brandi Belle and her teen classmates were at sucking and fucking away any fears a guy might have in an all girl classroom.

Brandi Belle Back on Campus

Brandi Belle Back on Campus
Seeing as how everyone is now adjusting to being back to school and what not i thought it was time to throw this one in there...this was back when i was going from dorm to dorm visiting fans and sometimes a little more than just a in this shoot..this dude had been emailing me alot asking if he could be in a shoot with me seeing as im the most beautiful girl on the internet and all that i cant argue with him there so basically he charmed the pants off of me...well off of himself really hehe...he ended up being very shy and didn't want his face to be on the shoot so i ended up only giving him a blowjob but in his words it was a blowjob of a lifetime at least for him.

Brandi Belle Backyard Boogie

Brandi Belle Backyard Boogie
I sure have met a lot of pornstars the past couple years..i wonder why that is... jk... man I thought I knew a lot of guys who were good in the sack b4 but ever since I've started this website I've been meeting a lot of real you know most of the stuff I do involve real friends of mine or at least acquaintances...ok some complete strangers I've met in random places...its all in good fun right? Anyway you guys probably remember the shoot I did last time with this guy Jordan...My editor gave it some french title, he can be a real pretentious douche bag sometimes..anyhoo so yeah in that shoot Jordan had a threeway with a couple of buddies of mine while I was alot of fun to watch but it seemed like my girlfriends were having a lot more fun by doing a lot more than just watching. I haven't been able to get this guy outta my head so I called him up and of course this shoot is the outcome of that phone call...boy am I glad I called him what a stud!!! It worked out great since he flew in from LA and I just happened to be house sitting for an accountant friend of mine so we did it in his backyard...he's really strong he really had his way with me tossen me around like ragdoll...good times!! enjoy it!!

Brandi Belle Blowjob Video

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I got hooked up with this guy that said he would be on my site. He had no problem with showing his face either, so that was cool. Before we started the shoot my friend the cameraman and i were talking about what our favorite liquor is to take shots of that conversation turned into him betting me that i wouldn't take a shot of cum. I proved them all wrong.

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