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Blondie Fesser

Today we're in a section of the Brazzer's House that I'm not totally familiar with. But it's a part of the house that contains a girl that I do want to get more familiar with. Blondie Fesser is someone that I haven't heard of before, but I feel like that's my fault, because she seems like she's been in the industry for a while. I think it's just because she's from Spain, and no one can follow everyone all the time.

I tend to really like foreign imports for a few different reasons. The main reason for me, is that it's like they're new, but not new at the same time. Well, they're new to me, but they have all the pro moves that you want to see in your porn. Also, there's the accent that they have, which is great. I don't care where the accent is from, as long as there's a moan in there somewhere.

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