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Big Tit Boss - Kitana

Big Tit Boss - Kitana
So, I know a lot of guys out there saw yesterday's post and thought to themselves.. 'self, I would not call those perfect tits'. I respect that. I don't agree with it, but I respect it. I know that perfection, when it comes to tits, is a pretty subjective matter. You're never going to get 10 guys to agree on the best set of tits. Even if you narrowed the selection down to three porn stars, those same 10 guys are going to disagree on who has the better tits. That's just the way it rolls. So I tried to think of a porn star that the majority of guys out there would agree are a great set of tits. So I started to think what that would be. I decided that a lot of guys out there agree that Nina's tits are great, but they could have just been a little bigger. So I went in search for a similar, but bigger set of tits, and I think I found them..

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