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Belle Knox - Naughty Bookworms

Belle Knox - Naughty Bookworms
Well, as you might have noticed, we've had our server shit the bed. Hopefully it will stay fixed for a while and not start to take more days off than I do. But now that we're back on track and checking out porn again, it's time to get to shit that we should have gotten to a long time ago. Namely, Belle Knox. If you don't know who she is, she's the Duke University student that started to do a little porn in her off time ( which I highly recommend to all college aged girls ). You might have heard about her on CNN, or the Huffington Post, or the Rolling Stones, etc.. Now you can see her where you really want to see her.. in porn.

Belle Knox: Pornstar and College Chick

Brains and Beauty
I'm pretty sure that you've all heard about the shit surrounding Belle Knox being outed as being a pornstar that's going to Duke University by some fucking attention whore douchebag that had nothing better to do than trying to fuck up somebody's fucking life because he doesn't have one of his own. I know that I've heard about that shit and it fucking pissed me the fuck off because she didn't do anything wrong but she was put on the spot by some mother fucker who was so desperate to be famous his bitch ass did just like jealous mother fuckers do, go out there and try to cause drama for somebody.