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WebYoung - Beata Undine

WebYoung - Beata Undine
Sometimes I start to feel like there's just too much porn in the world. Not in the way, that it's effecting society in a bad way, and we need to cut back. More in the way that I just can't keep up with this shit anymore. In the past, if I had missed a scene here or there, or wasn't introduced to a website, I didn't think too much of it. It wasn't that often, and the site probably wasn't that big yet, so I didn't feel too bad. You can't be everywhere, right? But now I feel like dozens and dozens of sites are coming and going, before I can even take a proper look at them. And the latest one I've been missing the boat on.. it's just a crime that I haven't seen this site, or this porn star even.

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