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Cum Fiesta - Bailey Bae

Cum Fiesta - Bailey Bae
I know you probably haven't seen Price is Right this morning, but I happen to catch it in an off occasion. I'm usually working during the day, but I started playing Bloodborne, and I'm pretty addicted to it right now, so I called in sick. While I was having my Fruit Loops, I was watching and there happened to be a girl that was called down, and she was fucking gorgeous. I don't have a DVR or anything, so I spent the time hoping that she got out of contestants row, so I could check out her whole body. Unfortunately, she never made it, and I was left wanting. So of course, Bloodborne got shoved onto the back burner for a few hours, and I jumped on the internet to find the girl that reminds me most of her. Is that sad?

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