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You Can't Tell Me That Doesn't Want To Make You Want To Fuck Her Even More!
I have to be honest with you my fellow pervs, I love a woman with some body art. There's just something that's fucking sexy about a chick that has tatts. Sure any chick out there from small tits chicks to chicks with big tits, and round asses are sexy, not to mention those sexy BBWs but there's something about when a babe has some tatts that just makes you want to give them the big sausage pizza even more. I have to say that not only does my wife Mrs. WANG have it in all the right places but she also has tatts as well, I'm not going to tell you where, and that shit just makes it even more bad ass when I'm fucking her.

Classic Cars

Not Only Could You Drive Them But You Could Fuck in Them Too!
I don't know about you my fellow pervs but I really love classic cars. I love them a lot more than I do these new compact cars they are coming out with these days. I mean there were a lot that you could do with those big body cars that you couldn't do with these little small mother fuckers that they come out with these days. Sure they might save on gas and with how much gas prices are these days, I know money talks, but there are just some things that you are able to do with those big body mother fuckers that you can't really do with these compact cars, or maybe you could if you could get in flexible positions.

Belle Knox: Pornstar and College Chick

Brains and Beauty
I'm pretty sure that you've all heard about the shit surrounding Belle Knox being outed as being a pornstar that's going to Duke University by some fucking attention whore douchebag that had nothing better to do than trying to fuck up somebody's fucking life because he doesn't have one of his own. I know that I've heard about that shit and it fucking pissed me the fuck off because she didn't do anything wrong but she was put on the spot by some mother fucker who was so desperate to be famous his bitch ass did just like jealous mother fuckers do, go out there and try to cause drama for somebody.

Euro Babe Facials - Natali Blue

Euro Babe Facials - Natali Blue
I've been checking out the new site that I found, Euro Babe Facials, because I've been kind of having a fixation with HD porn recently. I don't know what it is about it, but I kind of feel like I have the same rules as I do drinking alcohol. You see, I can jerk off at my computer any time of the day. It's in my bedroom, and I've been training myself to do it since the days of downloading one picture at a time from newsgroups.

College Sugar Babes - Jayden Lee

College Sugar Babes - Jayden Lee
Looks like Naughty America came up with a few new sites, and one of them is called College Sugar Babes. If you are up with other NA sites, you can think of Tonight's Girlfriend mixed with a teen site. Well, Naughty America's version of a teen anyway. Whatever it is, it's quickly becoming one of my favorite sites on the net right now. It's one of those sites that make you think, 'man, when I hit the lottery..'. ( is that sad? )

Play video games? Have a penis? How can you be like that?

If you were a gentleman, you wouldn't look.
There's been a bit of a huff on the internet as of late over women and video games, and it's been kind of building into a crescendo. Over the past few weeks, it seems to be arriving at the point where everyone has to get their two cents in. Absolutely nothing is going to come of all these opinions being thrown around the internet, but who am I to buck the system and remain quite while the internet fight of the month rolls on by? So, to throw a little more fuel on the fire, let's take a break from porn and look at the industry that's really destroying the modern day woman.

Never Get Sick of Femjoy

Look at How Amazing These Two Look
I've got a confession to make - I may show too much hardcore sex on this site. It's sometimes not completely fair because the hottest things I see online do not normally involve the hottest tramps getting fucked and came all over, but the pure beauty which is woman.

Euro Sex Parties Zoe Video

Zoe knows how to party!
You know what happens when four fully grown adults decide to play spin the bottle, right? Hardcore fucking!!! This guy's best friend brings over two hot chicks to play that good old party game, and before long things have evolved into a full blown sex party!