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Aubrey's Blind Date

Aubrey's Blind Date
Not a lot of people are a fan of the blind date. It's kind of like Christmas morning, as you don't exactly know what you're going to be waking up to, but there's that hope that it's something really great. But with blind dates, there's some odds involved with the process that you can work out on your own. In the large scheme of things, you can just think to yourself, what percentage of people in the world would I like to fuck? Twenty percent? Forty? Those are your odds for your blind date. A more practical approach though, is how good looking are the people my friend knows? If you see your friend hanging out with ugly people, what are the chances that they're going to find someone good looking for you? If you're using an online dating service, it's even easier. You just have to ask yourself, how ugly am I? Because really, you're the type of person that's going to be using that service, so if you're hoping for someone better than you, don't get your hopes up too high.

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