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We Live Together - Aspen Rae and Kenna James

We Live Together - Aspen Rae and Kenna James

So, it seems like we have one more week until the long weekend, and the unofficial close to summer. It's tough to see it go, but at least we'll have one more weekend of drunken debauchery to look forward too. Whenever you have alcohol in any location, you always have a chance of getting to hook up with someone. It might not be the person you were thinking of, but if you keep your mind open, there's always a chance.

Just think about it for a second. Most people are fundamentally the same. No one is that special or different than any other person, on a base level. And if that's true, it's something that we can put to use in every day life. Just think about how much you want to have sex on a daily basis. Most other people want to have sex the same amount.

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