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My Wife's Hot Friend - Ashley Sinclair

My Wife's Hot Friend - Ashley Sinclair

I currently feel like I've been in a weekend that has lasted a few years now. You see, when you live in the north east, Patriot's Day is somewhat of a thing, and you end up spending a shit load of time with family and friends. Plus, there's all of these things that are going on, and we're all just coming off of the longest winter in the known world, so everyone wants to go out and do things. Added with that, my very good friend is currently going though a shitty divorce, and he's just learning the true nature of women, and feels the need to tell you about it. So family, plus guy going through a divorce, and a bunch of guys shooting off muskets, and you start to think that the weekend would never end.

But after everything is over, and you're back home with yourself and your 50" tv, there's porn there waiting for you like a loyal dog. And everything is right with the world again. At least for the next 22 minutes.

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