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18 Years Old - Anita Bellini

18 Years Old - Anita Bellini

Lately I've been watching old episodes of The West Wing for about two or three hours a day for the past few days. I'm a little into politics, and I like watching the arguments back and forth between the two parties, but it's getting a little ridiculous on the news right now. I never thought reality would be more messed up than some Aaron Sorkin television show, but here we are, watching 22 people and a couple of very extraordinary media robots running for President. So, instead of watching what the next thing Donald Trump says, or the way Lindsey Graham wants you to see how to destroy cell phones, I choose to watch fake politicians complain about fake issues, and I don't have to think about anything, like.. the fucking mess we're going to be in when the next President gets there.

The problem was, having watched all of these episodes before, I needed something else to watch at the same time..

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