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Naughty America - Amy Ried

Naughty America - Amy Ried

Amy Ried for me is a bit of a puzzle. She started being one of the hottest girls in porn. There was really no arguing that. But as she's gotten older ( I think next year she'll be 30 ) her looks are starting to change.

Not in a getting older way either. She 'looks' the same age, but she also definitely looks different. If you've kept up with her at all, you'll notice something different. Is it her cheek bones? Is she turning Japanese? I have no idea. I'm on a question to find something recent, but until then, we can enjoy the way that she use to look like with the Naughty America remasters.

Girl of the Week - Amy Ried

The glorious Amy Ried
Here at RexMag, I wanted to try a little something different that might become a regular thing if it works out. Then again, it might last a week and we'll be done with it. We'll see how it goes. What I wanted to try is a Girl of the Week thing where we take a look at a porn star and kind of do a 'where are they now' type thing. If you like that idea, read on, because we have the one and only..