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Hot and Mean - Alison Tyler and Piper Perri

Hot and Mean - Alison Tyler and Piper Perri
Today we're checking out my favorite tiny porn star, and my favorite giant porn star at the same time. Alison Tyler and Piper Perri just happen to be in a scene from Hot and Mean, and I couldn't be happier. These two in a scene together are like the first time you dip your fries into a chocolate milk shake. You never thought about putting the two together, but after the first time you do it, you realize how genius it is, and after that, you're sad when you have one without the other. I think if I was master of the porn universe, I would make a sitcom with Alison and Piper in it like Laverne and Shirley. And there would be little funny scenes where Alison would get things off of the top of the refrigerator for Piper.. And Piper could win the limbo contest at the local bar.. but I digress.

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