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Bang Bros 18 - Alina Dawson

Bang Bros 18 - Alina Dawson
So it looks like Donald Trump might actually become the Republican nominee for President of the United States. It seems like a lot of Americans, ( and many people from the rest of the world ) have very strong opinions on this, going either way, but I just can't get that worked up about it. I have some opinions, but I don't have very strong ones. There's a couple of reasons for this.. One, he's not President yet, so let's not celebrate/panic too soon. Two, if he becomes President, that's only one third of the government that he's a part of, and as we've seen with Obama, you can't get very much done if the other two thirds of the government don't want to work with you. And that's the very situation that I think is best for the United States.

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